Wedding Cake Advise


Wedding Cake Advise

If your reading this then congratulations on your forthcoming wedding.

Here is a little advise to help you on choosing your wedding cake.

Firstly don't leave booking the cake too long,We know there's a lot of advise out there in wedding mag/blog land say's a lead time of four months for the cake This isn't long enough. Majority of good cake makers can get booked up just as far ahead as a good venue/florist/dress designer/DJ. We have taken bookings upto two years in advance of the wedding date. Start looking and shop around for your cake supplier while your looking for  all your other suppliers. when you find a cake supplier majority of cake suppliers will ask for a deposit to secure your date. Even if you don't know how many guests you are having and the size of cake the supplier should be able to give you a rough price guide of different options.

Some cake suppliers will do delivery and set up at your venue check to see if this is included in the price and check to see if they have a stand to display your cake ( that's if your venue doesn't have one )

Once you've drawn up a guest list, then it's time to work out how big you need the cake to be.

Need a big cake but but not having a big wedding? then consider a couple of dummy tiers.

Need to feed a large number of guests but don't want a large cake ( multi tiers ) how about a cutting cake of the same flavours for the kitchen to cut up and serve.

All these options can be discussed with your supplier

Can you have a mix of flavours? majority of cake makers offer a choice of flavours.

You can mix rich fruit and sponge cake tiers but we would advise if you want rich fruit having it on the bottom or on the top if having a three tier cake and don't want a lot of rich fruit.

Icing option: There are three basic options for the outer coating of your cake Fondant/sugar paste, buttercream,royal icing. There are pros and cons with each.

Fondant sometimes called sugarpaste this is the most popular covering for wedding and celebration cakes it is versatile and easy to manipulate and can be tinted many colours. It's disadvantage it will make a large cake very heavy.

Buttercream: the most popular filling, It can also be used as a covering, it can be tinted many colours and many textured effects with it. It's disadvantage is that it's less stable than fondant, and in hot conditions this will melt something you do need to consider. It also has a much shorter shelf life than fondant.

Royal Icing: Probably the least commonly used, it sets rock hard and can be hard to cut through, It's very time consuming to use and will bump up the cost a fair amount.


Fresh flowers are very popular  as a decoration on cakes however a lot to consider when using them,there are a lot of flowers and plants used in floristry that are poisoness.

so it is vital that you check with your florist that any flowers or plants you order are non toxic and that they are going on a cake. It's not permitted in this country to insert the stems direct into the cake, cake picks must be used this prevents sap getting into the cake.but wont prevent petals and calex touching the surface

we would advise using edible varieties if possible.


Majority of cake makers will have terms and conditions with naked cakes,because they come with certain issues you need to be aware of. .There's no doubt they can be adorable

In general they can be cheaper dependant on the size and amount of layers of cake you require per tier

this can make it an attractive option.

However, they don't last long. It's basically like being naked and made to stand outside all day.

No protection means the cake is open to the elements. The heat and humidity.

The main issue is that a naked cake will dry out really quickly.

Just a thought  when  you cut a slice of cake the exposed cake starts to dry. A Naked cake is like that all over.

So if you know your cake is going to sit there on display for hours, a naked cake might not be your best option

Unless your only using it for photos,

Once again congratulations on your forth coming wedding

we hope this has been of some help

Pop in or give us a call to make a non obligation consultation and cake sampling appointment.

         Cake portion guide


Size                 Sponge         Fruit

6" Round            11                22

6" Square           14                27

8" Round            20                40

8" Square           27                54

10" Round          34                68

10" Square         45                90

12" Round          50               100

12" Square         67               134

This is just a guide line it will be best to check with your venue on their portion sizes

Remember if you should require more cake you could go for the option of having a cutting cake.

This is a cake in the same flavours as your wedding cake but only base iced ( no decoration ) left with the kitchen staff and will be cut up with your wedding cake. This should be cheaper than adding another tier.

Ask your supplier about this option

Having Dummy tiers doesn't always make it cheaper  as the cost is in the time decorating the cake.

It takes just as long to decorate a dummy cake as it does to decorate a cake